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Your choice for better health insurance options

Dear REALTOR® member,

Over 7,000 of our REALTOR® members go without health insurance. You may be one of them. If not, chances are you know someone who is uninsured.

That’s right. According to our estimates, approximately 20% of Virginia REALTORS® have made the unfortunate decision to go without health insurance because of the high costs and limited options available to them.

Many others have plans that place a high financial burden on their families.

This year, the Virginia General Assembly will consider several options that could avail you and your REALTOR® friends and colleagues a chance to get better and possibly cheaper health insurance.

Though they attack the problem in different ways, these bills will help you find you more coverage options.

We need you to reach out to your state legislators today to let them know that you support these bills.

Senate Bills 1351 and 1353, sponsored by Senator Frank Wagner, and Senate Bill 1689, sponsored by Senator Siobhan Dunnavant, could allow associations, like the Virginia REALTORS®, to establish association health plans. That means we can potentially pool our more than 35,000 REALTORS® and establish a health plan that meets the needs of our members.

Senate Bill 1475, sponsored by Senator Creigh Deeds, will allow multi-member LLC’s to enter the “small group health plan pool.” Many real estate brokerages and teams are made up of multi-member LLC’s and corporations. Under this proposal, these companies and teams would be able to apply for small group health insurance. This could save you money and provide you with better insurance options.

House Bill 2719, sponsored by Delegate Todd Pillion, is identical to Senate Bill 1475.

The bottom line is we need your help to get these bills passed. Contact your delegate and senator and tell them to vote yes on these bills.


Beckwith Bolle

President, Virginia REALTORS®

Answer the Call for Action