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Raising the Bar

At the 2014 NAR Mid Year Convention, NAR’s Board of Directors approved a set of mandatory core standards for all local, state, and
territorial associations of REALTORS®, as a condition of membership in the National Association of REALTORS®. The purpose of
the new standards is to raise the bar for REALTOR® Association and ensure high-quality service for REALTORS®. These standards
were proposed by the Leadership Team and developed by a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) which was appointed by NAR
President, Steve Brown.
Every local and state Association of REALTORS® shall annually demonstrate compliance with the following core standards:
1. Code of Ethics
2. Advocacy
3. Consumer Outreach
4. Unification Efforts and Support of the REALTOR® Organization
5. Technology
6. Financial Solvency
REALTOR® associations must certify compliance with the standards by June 30, 2015—and by June 30 of each subsequent year—or
be subject to revocation of their charter.
These Mandatory Cores Standards for Associations of REALTORS® will apply to every local and state association regardless of the
membership they serve, including associations that serve business specialty members (e.g. commercial, appraisal, property
management, etc.) In addition to, or exclusive of, residential practitioners. Enforcement of the Mandatory Core Standards for
Associations of REALTORS® will be a collaborative effort between local associations, state associations and the National Association.
As a condition of continued membership in the National Association of REALTORS® every local and state association of
REALTORS® shall, on an ongoing basis, comply with all mandatory policies adopted by the NAR Board of Directors from time to
time including, but not limited to policies governing education on and enforcement of the Code of Ethics, membership, dues collection,
NRDS reporting, and MLS.
Additionally, every local and state association shall annually certify compliance with the Mandatory Core Standards for Associations
of REALTORS® using the certification form or other applicable process provided by NAR (or, where applicable, by the state
association). Certification of compliance (including all required supporting documentation) must be signed by the association’s chief
staff officer, by the current elected president (or chairman of the board where the chief staff officer holds the title of “president”), and
by the president elect (or individual next in line to be the association’s REALTOR® president or chairman of the board).
Every state association shall review the representations made by their constituent local associations and annually confirm to NAR that
each local association’s certification is accurate and complete to the best of the state associations knowledge and belief. State
associations and NAR may request additional written documentation or other evidence of compliance from a local or state association if
there is a question of compliance.
If a state association does not confirm that a local association is compliant with the Mandatory Core Standards for Associations of
REALTORS®, that local association’s charter as a Member Board of the National Association of REALTORS® shall be revoked.
NAR need not receive a recommendation by a state association prior to revocation of a local association charter. However, under no
circumstances will an association be dropped from membership in the National Association without first having an opportunity to
appear before a panel of at least three (3) members of the NAR Association Executives Committee to show cause why the association’s
membership should not be terminated. The recommendation of the Association Executives Committee panel will be reported to the
NAR Board of Directors for final action.