The committees of BTVAR are what make our organization great. We have such a wonderful group of volunteers that work hard to bring all the necessary services to our membership and really make our Association feel like family.

The following committees are currently in place at the Bristol Association:

Bylaws Committee 

Purpose:  To review BTVAR Bylaws regularly for clarity, and for stability and practicability; responsible for properly wording amendments when there is a proposed bylaws change.

Composition: Chairperson plus at least four members of the Association.

Education Committee 

Purpose: To serve as the source of development, improvement and quality control of education programs and services that meet the needs of the REALTOR® members – through instructor training, education program design, delivery, and/or evaluation.

Composition: Chairperson plus at least four members of the Association.

HR Committee 

Purpose: Annually review Association staff and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Composition: Chaired by the Immediate Past President plus at least four members.

Finance Committee 

Purpose: Formulate recommendations concerning strategic and financial planning, control budgeting and the efficient utilization of the Associations resources.

Composition: Chaired by the current Treasurer of BTVAR plus at least four members of the Association.

Governmental Affairs Committee 

Purpose: Recommends policy related to existing or proposed legislation, government regulations and public policy regarding the real estate profession. Establishes linkages and ongoing relationships with all aspects of the political and governmental processes in TN and VA and assures a communication network between all levels of government, candidates for public office, various officials and governmental officers and bodies.

Composition: Chairperson plus five members of the Association.

Grievance Committee 

Purpose: Examines complaints of alleged unethical conduct or requests for arbitration to determine validity and substance to warrant hearings before the Professional Standards Committee.

Composition: Seven members of the Association in good standing, appointed by the chair. The President shall annually designate the chairperson of the committee.

Homes Magazine Committee 

Purpose: To formulate and recommend rules and regulations for the publication of the Bristol Homes Magazine and submit to the Board of Directors for approval; review on an annual basis the performance of the printer and make recommendations for the incoming committee; select printers to be invited to bid on new contracts whenever appropriate; review bids and select the publisher upon approval of the Board of Directors; and review violations and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Compositions: The President of the Association shall appoint, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Chairperson. The committee will consist of 9 REALTOR® members – 3 brokers, 3 members representing the largest companies, and 3 members representing small-medium companies for a three year term. The size of the firm shall be defined as follows: Small (1-4 licensees); medium (5-9 licensees); and large (10 and up licensees). Collectively, each firm may only be represented y one committee member. The chairperson and the Executive officer will serve as liaisons to the printer.

Leadership Development

Purpose: To attract individuals with leadership qualities and shape them into strong visionaries to navigate our association through and ever changing business climate.

Composition: Chairperson plus at least four members of the Association.


Purpose: Facilitates and assists with negotiations between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation settlement or compromise.

Composition: Appointed by the President with approval of the Board of Directors, Mediation officers shall have extensive prior experience on Grievance, Professional Standards or the Board of Directors and must have attended mediation training and be conversant of real estate rules and regulations of both states.

Affiliate Membership Committee 

Purpose: To recruit new affiliate members and welcome attendees at membership meetings at sign-in tables.

Composition: Chairman plus at least four REALTOR® members.

New Member Committee/Orientation 

Purpose: To review and determine if the applicant applying for membership meets the qualifications, invites comment from the membership  and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Orientation Purpose: An indoctrination program mandated by the National Association of REALTORS® designed to inform new members of the benefits and obligations of the local, state and national associations. The program should be designated to encompass the following: Code of Ethics, use of the term REALTOR®, antitrust, multiple listing service, educational requirements and benefits, fair housing, agency, etc.

Composition: Chairman plus at least two REALTOR® members.

Nominating Committee 

Purpose: To nominate and recommend to the Board of Directors, one or more candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and two Directors at large.

Composition: Five REALTOR® members appointed by the president with approval of the Board of Directors.

Professional Standards Committee 

Purpose: Holds Ethics Hearings to hear matters of alleged unethical conduct by members or provides Arbitration as requested.

Composition: Seven members of the Association in good standing, appointed by the Chairperson. The President shall annually designate the chairperson of the committee.

Program Committee

Purpose: Plans and schedules programs for membership meetings that are considered to be of high interest to the membership, ensuring a mix of business related topics and community activities that encourages participation and provides an opportunity for networking for both REALTOR® and Affiliate members. Plan the Annual Installation and Awards Banquet to commemorate a successful previous and upcoming year.

Composition: Chairperson plus at least four members of the Association.

PR Committee 

Purpose: Increase public awareness of the Association, the buying and selling process and promotes the use of a REALTOR®. Encourages the membership to actively promote, associate and identify themselves as REALTORS®.

Composition: Chairperson plus at least four members of the Association.


Purpose: Educate REALTORS® on the purpose of RPAC and oversee the collection of funds contributed by members in support of candidates adhering to goals and purposes advocated by the REALTOR® industry.

Composition: Chairperson appointed by the President.

REALTOR® of the Year 

Purpose: To select the BTVAR REALTOR® of the Year annually from applications received from members of the Association.

Composition: The five immediate past REALTORS® of the Year who hold membership in the Association, with the chairperson being the member who has served the longest on the committee.

Regional MLS Representatives

Purpose: To represent BTVAR in the TN/VA Regional MLS, ensuring the viability, administration, improvement, and quality control of the service to meet the needs of its members. MLS Representatives will serve as directors on the MLS board and as shareholders at the MLS annual meeting.

Composition: Three members appointed to staggered three year terms. The senior MLS Representative shall be the member serving the third year of their appointment and shall be a non-voting member of the board of Directors in accordance with the association bylaws.

Awards and Recognition Committee 

Purpose: Develop awards roster and qualifications.  Be responsible for overseeing and reviewing Award Applications in accordance with the established rules and regulations.

Composition: Chairman plus at least two members.

Strategic Planning 

Purpose: To review and update, as necessary, the Association’s Strategic Plan and to encourage implementation of it through the Associations Programs and Committees.

Composition: President to serve as chairperson along with the Immediate Past President, President-Elect and five other members.

Technology Committee 

Purpose:  To review Association Technology Practices and explore opportunities for advancement and updates as well as educate BTVAR members on new technology. They will also be responsible for monitoring the Association website, socials media, and all communication/technology delivery methods.

Composition: Chairman plus at least two members.

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